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voip systems uk are a perfect example of the application of a wide-ranging Internet technology to an ideal society. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In simplest terms and relative to VOIP systems UK, the technology involves sending voice calls for the worldwide Web infrastructure to process.

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When VOIP Meets Mrs. Pots

Mind you, the calls can still originate from a regular land line, which, is lovingly referred to as POTS, an abbreviation for plain old telephone system. So from inside those ubiquitous red phone booth found on London streets, your call gets routed through the Internet. When this happens, the call gets cheaper by the minute because your phone call is free from the encumbrances of the hard-wired telephony system.

The Unique Advantages of VOIP

Remember how, sometimes, you get no dial tone from your home phone? Because telephone companies have a much more rigid infrastructure as well as resources, there's always a finite number of calls that such a system will accept. For example, if everyone used the phone at home on New Year's Eve, the local telephone network would crash.

This situation will not happen to the calls on the so-called information superhighway because of the sheer breadth and scope of the bandwidth involved. Remember that the Internet connects billions of computers, tablets, and smart phones all over the world. So there's always that kind of redundancy you'll just never find in every phone company.

How Skype Rules the World

By far, the best example of the VOIP architecture is Skype, a fledgling company in 2006 but now a full-functioning communication system under the umbrella of Microsoft. Just some popular VOIP systems UK are Lily Comms, Vonage, RingCentral, and Mitel. More and more people are switching to VOIP technology in order to drastically reduce the charges on their phone bills. As the number of cellular phones in use increase to a staggering 7.19 billion worldwide, phone plan costs are likewise on an astronomical rise worldwide.

The Uneven Playing Field in the World of Telecommunications

While it looks like phone companies are taking advantage of vulnerable consumers, the fact that telecommunications firms not steeped in the VOIP business must spend more for the maintenance as well as the expansion of their networks can only contribute to the costs. Also, global competition is yet another important dimension of the price-cost ratio in the sales of phone plans both landed and mobile or both.

What's In Store

Just imagine, the typical cellular phone must harness the power of cell phone towers in order to relay a phone call. Comparatively, VOIP picks up the call and routes it immediately on the Web. Even phone calls that use cables cannot compete with such an efficiency even though their bandwidths are considerably bigger than the average fibre optics cable. So the bottom line is, if you want to save money on your monthly telecommunications bill, it would be wise to switch to the Internet-based technology. For in addition to giving yourself the capability to make phone calls and send text messages from your laptop, most VOIP providers offer much lower costs than the competition.